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Sand Storage Bin Designs Of Concrete Batching Plant

Some large-scale projects, such as hydropower, bridges, concrete batch plant to conduct on-site construction, and site concrete mixing station must consider the case of the size of the project, the construction site conditions, mechanical composition, etc., due to the installation.


Gravel storage silos is the main raw commercial concrete batching plant site preparation of concrete, gravel storage silos for each building, storage silos volume is generally about 3.6m3, bins should be made in the form of a triangular ramp funnel, wooden ramps not less than 55 °, the inclination of the metal is not less than 50 °, the corner hopper should be made appropriate arc shape to facilitate gravel quickly falls to the weighing bucket.

Stone storage silo doors opened and closed using the hinge device. Silo may also consider installing a small vibration of the machine, to solve the sand and high moisture content may appear difficult material circumstances. And more information about concrete mixing plant will be found on our website.