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HAOMEI QT8-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

QT8-15 block making machine with excellent European style industrial design, appearance has a demeanor, technical set many years of market Experience the essence, the introduction of international technical effort to build, is another strong production capacity and our new products.


1. Suitable for: requires equipment of high quality, production requirements, the production product high strength concrete products can produce a variety of different users.

2. Products: all kinds of wall blocks, block walls, wall displaying block, floor plates, berm blocks, can also produce interlocking blocks and curbs and other road blocks. Bodies can also produce secondary fabric color brick road.

3. Application: widely used in construction, roads, squares, hydraulic, gardens and other construction.

4. Production of raw materials: the sand, gravel, cement, can add a lot of fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramic, perlite and otherindustrial waste.

5. Features: rotating way to force quick fabric to ensure that the load-bearing blocks, lightweight aggregate blocks, fly ash blocks of fully dense, and shorten the fabric time. All electrical components, hydraulic components,are used the world-reowned brands. PLC color touch screen and import applications, to achieve full range of automatic block production technology, saving time between the operation and improve productivity. Driven by four long way and with the excellent guide sleeve ensures precise pressure head and die movement. Body is made of super-thick steel and special welding technology mnufacturing, and its strong resistance to vibration.Strong exciting force. Amplitude of 2mm, the acceleration of excitation 15g, making the material in 3 seconds, rapid prototyping, cement fully liquefied, the weight ratio in normal conditions, the block strength of 10Mpa. Control system adopted Automatic control, simple to understand. Equipped with data input and output devices. Machine conversation. Equipped with advanced self-diagnostic package, real-time was display system status, found fault alarm in time.

QT8-15 concrete block making machineControl system with self-locking function to avoid a malfunction generated. Can be achieved through the telephone connection of remote fault diagnosis, real-time to ensure smooth customer production Lee carried.