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HAOMEI Help You Knowledge About Concrete Mixer Truck System


When concrete mixer system is not functioning properly, the pressure gauge will indicate the following:

① high and low side pressure pipe is not normal, the reason is: insufficient refrigerant lubricants excessive air leakage

② high pressure and low pressure pipe side are low, indicating that the expansion valve bulb blockage or leakage.

③ high-pressure tube side pressure is too high, and the low-pressure pipe side pressure is too low (or even negative), indicating a serious blockage tank dry.

④ high-pressure tube side pressure is too low. The low-pressure pipe side pressure is too high, indicating that the compressor wear or belt slippage.

⑤ high pressure pipe side pressure is normal, while the low-pressure side of the high pressure pipe, far less than the difference between high and low, indicating that the low efficiency of the compressor; if the difference between the high and low of slightly less than skPa, replace the expansion valve.

⑥ low pressure side of the pressure tube and sometimes negative, sometimes normal, intermittent refrigeration system should replace the filter, and then repeated charge and discharge refrigerant, excluding water.

⑦ low pressure side of the high pressure pipe and the low pressure side indication suction pipe, before and after the filter or pipeline expansion valve frost and dew can be seen, indicating that the refrigerant does not circulate mixer.

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