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Concrete Mixer Pump Truck Boom Fracture Characteristics Analy

Concrete Pump Truck HDT5291THB-37/39/4

concrete mixer pump truck is a specialized vehicle in the current modernization increasingly widely used in concrete for the construction of concrete-mixer lorries continuously transmitted into the concrete uniformly pumped water to ensure the quality of concrete and improve construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity. But if there are problems pumps bring lots of inconveniences for construction.

two more plate ear rear arm completely deformed, bent rod and large and small curved rod because two arms pull the tail of the ear by a plate of the extrusion head broken ear partial arm caused. In addition to the head portion of the arm portion is deformed, the others are new cracks due to a fracture of the back plate through the two arms ear caused. Due to the two arms to the cause of a broken ear to the naked eye is difficult to find plates, it is necessary to measure defects such as deformation and arrow cylinders, rods damage.

Product according to the site of the fracture and form, most of the old cracks cracks break. Can be closed, first as microcracks after cycling cycle distribution after a certain period produces microcracks macroscopic cracks, and finally, because of the crack, causing the base material extends a crack suddenly.

After the analysis of the accident, summarizes the first method boom repair, two, three, four arms hang. Detection of parts, focus on examining a damaged portion and the second portion of the second part of the damage to the boom cylinder. After testing, the results are as follows: turntable, frame, three, four arms, each portion of the cylinder intact arms, a section of two spindle arm link, copper sleeve, three, four spindle arm link, copper sleeve, arm sleeve on the production measure copper plate connection has been damaged, you need the top part of the arm is next to a small amount of the second articulated arm is attached with another small deformation does not affect the performance of the installation and use; Section II arm root edge of one ear was completely removed from plan, but also because the other side ear cracking and severe distortion of plates; bent to a great extent of the second rod and connected to breakage because of the two arms of the tab nose.

After this concrete pump Truck Repair solution by After commissioning met, and after a year working construction site, will not crack, fracture and deformation anomalies. Practice has proved that this method is simple and reasonable fixed to ensure that both extend the power of the boom, arm and life. The foregoing is a summary of our education and participation in the growth of broken concrete pump truck effectively repair experience, available to everyone, if unsuitable, we hope that the readers understanding of many and exhibitions.